Progressive Realty provides full service commercial real estate solutions for office buildings and shopping centers. Our team employs innovative strategies designed to accomplish each investor's goals, focused on improving value and the bottom line.



Whether to buy, sell or hold an asset are critical decisions that must be made timely and diligently. Our team focuses on finding high-quality income producing assets in good locations, correct operational and physical issues, restructuring financing, increasing occupancy, improving NOI, and selling the asset once the owner’s objectives are met. Progressive’s philosophy is simple, purchase → fix → sell.


Our goal is simple, improve asset performance and increase value. Progressive's team continually monitors each asset's local market conditions, evaluates debt structure, fine-tunes leasing strategies, and applies cutting edge solutions to maximize investor returns.


Our strong relations in the marketplace allow us to partner with the best brokers in the industry. Progressive’s in-house leasing team works efficiently and expeditiously with tenants to create space solutions that best serve the organization’s people, growth and operations. Our leasing team continually reviews and monitors market trends, and data and property conditions to ensure that our assets remain competitive and relevant in the market.


As a property manager, Progressive’s priority is to deliver value, and operate assets efficiently and profitably with customized and attentive skills honed by years of experience. Through a strong team effort and a hands-on approach, we maintain our clients’ properties in a class A manner, implement new technologies, and cost-reducing measures, that emphasize integration of environmentally friendly building initiatives. Our team members work diligently to ensure accurate and timely contract management, lease administration, tenant improvement oversight, financial reporting, and positive investment performance.

We enhance value by implementing a total quality management approach that emphasizes maintaining a healthy tenant mix, tenant retention policies, and constant attention to detail. Capital improvements and asset upgrades are structured in a systematic, cost-effective manner aimed at increasing the asset’s life cycle and enhancing its market value. Our hands-on approach yields long-term relationships and success with tenants and investors.


Real estate assets in today’s environment are complex, requiring diligent maintenance and monitoring for optimum performance. To ensure peak performance our team provides commissioning, re-commissioning, decommissioning, energy monitoring, preventive maintenance programs, and standard operating procedures for all building systems and services.

Progressive’s total quality approach emphasizes, owner’s investment philosophy without jeopardizing standards and tenant comfort. We are truly looking at the big picture.


Our team has successfully, planned, designed and executed projects totaling 650,000 SF across the U.S., aimed to deliver each investor’s vision and business philosophy. During the development process we partner with qualified market-driven consultants to ensure that the end product is poised to deliver investors’ concept and return projections.


Progressive Consulting can partner with your organization to develop and execute strategies, procedures, and solutions that are targeted to improve overall business performance, operational productivity, and ultimately improve value. Our team will help you identify current needs, creating innovative solutions to meet investors’ short and long-term goals.

Our consulting services include leasing, lease administration/lease audit, financial analysis, development feasibility evaluation, and asset and property management strategies, with associated training and recommendations for staffing needs. The evaluation process focuses on an in-depth assessment of current practices, asset performance, and long-term strategies. Upon implementation of our recommendations, we will closely monitor their performance and make necessary modifications to meet and exceed the investor’s goals and objectives.


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